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Psalm 1 // Day 2 - How to be Blessed Part 1: What to Avoid


Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers Ps 1:1

In these strange days of social distancing and self-isolation, we are bombarded by messages from the media on what to avoid. We are staying two metres away from one another; we avoid public gatherings; we perhaps wear gloves and masks to avoid the bugs. We pray that these measures bring a quick end to the spread of the virus!

The bible talks about sin as a virus; one that we are born with but one that has its vaccine at the cross of Jesus Christ who died to be the cure for sin and death!

Today we want to look at how we can stay blessed by looking at, like the virus, what we need to avoid in order to stay safe.

Satan is so clever in the way he deceives. It’s not often a full-on attack on your faith but rather a series of small compromises that in the end affect our blessed life as a Christ follower.

Being blessed in this verse reminds me of the term Jesus used in the beatitudes. To live the blessed life is to avoid the compromises that change the contrast setting in our lives and cause us to slowly go dark in our walk with God.

So, what should we avoid… or who should we avoid?

  1. Don’t walk in bad counsel

Who has your ear? Ungodly counsel comes from the media, false doctrine in the church and from people who have no regard for God. (‘You can’t trust your leaders’.)

  1. Don’t stand with sinners

This is a deliberate action to pause in your Christian walk and start spending time in company that is not wholesome or healthy.

  1. Don’t sit with scoffers

These people can derail our faith because they have no belief and they actually mock our faith and discourage us with their words.

There is a line from the old hymn that says, ‘there is a way back to God from the dark paths of sin.’

Watchman Nee writes that, according to Paul in Ephesians, we now move in reverse from sitting, to walking and then to standing… get back to the blessed life

  1. Sit with Jesus in the heavenlies

(Ephesians 2:6) before we launch into our day take time to sit with God.

  1. Walk a Christian Life in this World

(Ephesians 5:8) Walk as children of the light and be an influence for Jesus into this broken world.

  1. Stand against the enemy

(Ephesians 6:10) Put on the whole armour of God today before you leave the house so that you can take your stand against the enemy.


Lord, help me today to watch and pray and walk rejoicing every day. Where the enemy has subtly caused me to compromise my walk with you, help me to follow the simple steps I have learned to day to sit, walk and stand my way to victory.


• What do I sense today that I have taken my foot off the pedal with my walk with God?

• What is my plan today to get back into a blessed relationship with God?

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