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Psalm 1 // Day 3 - How to be Blessed

Part 2: What to Embrace


but his delight is in the law [instruction] of the Lord, and on His law [instruction] he meditates day and night.” Ps 1:2

The word ‘blessed’ in verse one also means fortunate, prosperous, and favoured by God. In addition, the expression, ‘is the Man,’ in verse one also reminds us that it is for any individual; man, woman, boy, or girl. Verse two reminds us that one of the ways to be blessed is by knowing what to embrace – God’s Word, The Holy Bible, His Law or instruction. To know is to perceive; have direct recognition of; to have an understanding of, to become familiar, acquainted with and have an experience of.

On the other hand, to embrace is to hug, to cherish and to love. Delight means joy, extreme pleasure, and satisfaction. To meditate is to ponder upon; to think about repeatedly; to memorise and to talk to oneself. The term ‘day and night’ symbolises good and bleak times – all the time and wherever we go. Love God’s instruction all the time is what the psalmist is saying to us.

Take time to read Psalm 119: 97 – 176. Is this your heart’s cry today?

The Holy Spirit will teach us of the hidden things of the Word if we allow Him to. The more we meditate, the more we know. Our waking thoughts must all be guided by God's Word. Whether it be business transactions; who to marry; who to walk alongside, we should make our decisions based on God's Word. How to we grow in this?

Here are three areas for you to consider:

  1. God’s Written Word

The Holy Bible (Joshua 1: 8, Colossians 3: 16)

  1. The Preached Word

Listening to teaching (Romans 10:14)

  1. Personal/Instructional Word

Dreams, visions, inner voice (I Kings 19: 11 – 13)


Dear Lord, thank you for your word and how it is a lamp to our feet and a light onto our path, guiding us and leading us onto the right path with you. Thank you that I freely have your Word but help me to read it every day and to do what it says. Amen.


• What current obstacles do you face which currently bar you from being one who delights and mediates daily on the Word of God? List them.

• What one positive change can you make? From your list, diarise and work through the one at time. Be accountable to someone.

• Do you honour the preached Word?

• When was the last time God instructed you to do something? Did you obey?

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