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Psalm 1 // Day 5 – Blown Away


The wicked are not so, but are like chaff that the wind drives away. Ps 1:4

“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you” Mt 6:33

What a sharp contrast between the previous verses in Psalm 1! Such a contrast is beautifully illustrated when we take a closer look at the great River Nile. The irrigated banks flourish with life and everywhere is lush and green and provides crops for the entire nation. Approximately 98% of the remaining land is desert.

As a prophetic picture, the beautiful Isle of Man is verdant! Yes Lord! Revival!

At first glance, wheat can be confused with chaff as they cling to each other, but one is fruitful whilst the other is empty and useful for nothing. Worthless. It is only when the sifting comes that they become dislodged and separated. The chaff has nothing to cling to and blows this way and that. It has no root or fruit and is lost, trodden underfoot and eventually swept away ready to be burnt as it has no further use and is fit for nothing else. In contrast with the righteous man, we are seeing here people without roots - vain and empty, without knowledge of God or faith in Christ; unstable in all their ways, not bearing fruit.

The destiny of the ungodly is so different from those who are saved. The distinction is vital.

We can walk with the godly and the ungodly at the same time. Will they influence us, or will it be the other way round? Are we clinging to ungodly ways or thoughts? Are we planted and rooted in the fertile soil of God’s Word or are we clinging to someone else’s faith? Perhaps it’s only when sifting comes that we know how firm we are. In these challenging times of the Coronavirus situation with self-isolating and social distancing, it’s best to keep our eyes firmly fixed on Jesus.

This is a tough message but Jesus, in His great mercy, is our righteousness and we as believers can partner with Him to share the great news of salvation and choose to walk with Him.


Lord, thank You for Your great mercy. You, Lord, are our refuge and our fortress, our dwelling place, and our protector. Show us where we need to cling, and where we need to let go. Guide us with Your grace to follow daily in Your footsteps. Amen



• Find two things: One that is not easily moved and one that easily blows away. When you look at those things today, remember what the psalmist says about ungodly people and those who know and study the Word.

• How can we pray for those who are disconnected or not yet clinging to Christ

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