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Psalm 121 // Day 2 – He is Your Refuge!


My help comes from the Lord, who made Heaven and Earth! Ps 121:2

From my house, I can see rolling hills and sheep regularly grazing. In my quiet place, I will sit looking in this direction and God will ask me where am I looking? He reminded me of a time when out walking the dogs and I found a sheep upside down. I knew it needed help. Ensuring the dogs were at a safe distance and tied up, I made my way quietly to the sheep.

I pulled it over onto its legs (sheep are heavy!) and tried to walk away. It immediately fell over. I then realised that I could not sort this out without the farmer’s help so I placed the sheep at the side of the field, put rocks and wood to keep it upright and made the choice to leave it. Making it home with the dogs, I got out the yellow pages and rang around all the farms in the area until I found its owner. Later that evening I received a call to say the sheep was found and brought back to the farm to recover. I was then thanked for all I did. That sheep was important to the farmer as he was the shepherd and one of his flock was hurt.

Just as the farmer was there for his sheep, God is there for us today in the small daily needs but also in the bigger troubles of life. Without me interceding in the field and calling the farmer, that sheep would not have survived. This is what we are called to do; call to our creator. He so loves us, that He is there, waiting. He gave us this beautiful planet. We read in Genesis 1, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”. He has always been here. Why would you not call for help? In Psalm 46:1 it says, “God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble”. He is confirming to us that we can come to Him for help and in our weakness, He is strong.

How can we come to God? Through prayer, we can have a conversation with our God, we can do this daily, in the moment, wherever we are and He will come and help.


Loving God, I thank you that when we need help, we can turn to you, that in our weakness you make us strong, you are our refuge and helper. Please strengthen us in this powerful gift of prayer, allow us to be still and hear you as much as we ask.


• Take this opportunity to intercede for friends and family who do not know the Loving God yet, but just need His help. Let them come into His refuge at this time.

• Today, why not start a prayer journal? Write your daily prayers and see when you look back how many God has answered

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