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Psalm 121 // Day 5 – Safe in His Hands


The Lord keeps you from all harm and watches over your life. Ps 121:7

A beach is a wonderful place for families to come and let their children enjoy playing but it is also a place of potential danger! As mums and dads, we enjoy watching our children play on a beach but at the same time we are continuously watching over them. We will be constantly aware of all that is happening around our children, looking out for potential danger and being in a state of readiness to move in quickly and act when necessary. This is a perfect picture of what ‘watching over’ really means. Watchful parents see what is happening; they are proactive rather than reactive when their children get into danger and need their help.

This example very much relates to how God keeps watch over our lives. He takes great pleasure in watching us enjoy living life to the full but at the same time, He is ready to intervene when harm comes our way.

Psalm 121:7 says that the Lord keeps us from all harm. This means that He is guarding, watching and preserving our lives. I love the use of the word ‘keeps’ here. It reminds us that God’s watchful eye is ongoing and relevant for now, tomorrow and forevermore.

Simple troubles will be part of our lives and times of suffering and struggle will come for sure but through it all, the Lord remains our keeper; He is with us throughout our entire lives, through every season and memorable event along the way. Even though a crisis or circumstance can often feel like it is overwhelming us, our all-knowing Father is never surprised or shaken. Our Lord can keep us from harm and watch over our lives because He is the Lord Almighty; there’s nothing He cannot do.

Instead of entering the future with a question mark, you can enter with an exclamation point.

God is watching over your life!

He has you firmly in His hands and takes you through the highs and lows of life. He is there in every part of life’s journey.

As children of God we have so much hope to live for: we are part of God’s family; we have received the gift of eternal life and, of course, we have the assurance that God is watching over our lives. Just like mum and dad at the beach, He will do what is needed to keep us safe from harm.

May we enter each day of our lives with this knowledge:

My life is in His hands. He protects me in ways I don’t even know. I am eternally safe with Him. I live with the confidence that He is watching over me, guiding me and protecting me. May I know each day the truth that He is with me, always.




• Think of your life’s journey up until now and all the times God has protected you and carried you amidst trouble and strife.

• Pray a prayer of thanksgiving, thanking our Lord for keeping you and watching over you.

• Ask God to help you keep on trusting Him with everything in the days, months and years to come.

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