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Psalm 51 // Day 5 - A Pure Heart



Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.” Ps 51:10

Since I was young, I always asked God to give me a pure heart and godly wisdom. Somehow, I knew that with a pure heart and godly wisdom, I would need little else. A pure heart will always please God and with His wisdom, every decision and step I take will be within His will. I have no idea when it started or how it became my heart’s desire, I just had the faith for it. However, as I meditated on Psalm 51:10-13, I had this overwhelming revelation of how offensive my heart is to God. I felt so grimy that I found it almost impossible to pray and to ask for forgiveness. I wanted to hide.

During David’s reign as anointed King, he broke three of the Ten Commandments; he coveted Uriah’s wife, Bathsheba; he committed adultery with her and he murdered Uriah. Psalm 51 is a song of repentance and a plea for forgiveness after Nathan, a prophet of God, exposed the sin David thought he had committed in secret. David knew that the problem of his sin was deep within his being and his repentance started when his heart was pierced by the Spirit of God and he saw his sin against the backdrop of a pure and righteous God.

We see David’s brokenness in the verses of this psalm. We sense his desperation for forgiveness as he pleads with God not to cast him [David] from His presence and not to take His Spirit away from him (vs 11). David poured his heart out to God and every word was written from a place of sorrow and despair. He begged God for His forgiveness but he knew that in order to live a life of constant obedience to God, fully restored and devoted to Him, he needed more than forgiveness. His request was measured and very specific; he asked for a pure heart and a steadfast spirit. There can be no lies, no deceit, no evil in a pure heart. A pure heart will be sold-out for God, will constantly seek His presence and will soak up every word that comes from the mouth of God. A renewed and steadfast spirit empowers a person to live a life in constant obedience to God, firm in purpose and focused on the ways of God. A person with a new heart and renewed spirit will want to tell others about the goodness of God, just like David wrote in verse 13: “Then I will teach transgressors your ways and sinners will return to you.” He had a testimony and he wanted to share it with anyone who would listen. He saw himself as a beggar who can now tell other beggars where the bread is.

Let’s be consistent in prayer and repentance and constant in obedience to God and let’s aim to live out the forgiveness we have so graciously received by telling others. It can be your story; it can be someone else’s story or it can be a story from the Bible.


• Is there any un-repented sin in your life? If you don’t know, ask God to show you.

• Have you ever asked God for a pure heart? If not, go ahead and ask Him as it’s His will for your life.

• How steadfast are you in seeking God and doing His will?

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