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Strong Foundations // Day 10 - Family Rules


Today’s Reading : Psalms 119: 1-16


“I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.” Ps 119: 11

I love reading this first part of the Psalm, as the writer describes how vital the Word of God is to living a righteous, upright and pure life.

We have a board on the wall in our kitchen titled “Family Rules”. That sounds quite ominous, but actually the words written on it are phrases like “Be Kind,” “Love One Another,” “Count your Blessings” - all these ‘rules’ encourage the members of my family to treat each other well.

The Psalmist is pointing us to the Bible as our “Family Rules” a book so rich in teaching that as we study it and store up what it says in our hearts it enables us to live a life that honours God, that keeps our ways pure. It instructs us in all areas of our life, challenges us when we go off track and lovingly and gently shows us the precious love of a Father who gave His only son that we may have relationship restored with Him.

The Bible is too rich a resource to lay gathering dust on a shelf. So let’s dust it off, and start reading it together. And don’t just read it … STORE IT UP!


• Find a Bible study (maybe on something like the YouVersion bible app) and start studying Gods Word. Perhaps even find a friend who will study alongside you.

• Start storing God’s word. Why not challenge yourself (and your family) to memorise a verse this week? You could start with Psalm 119:11. And then why not memorise a different verse next week, and the next …

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