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Strong Foundations // Day 14 - Rock Solid


Today’s Reading : Matthew 7: 24-27


“Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.” Mt 7:24

I’m sure we have all known this story from our childhood, and probably the song that goes with it too!! The wise man built his house upon the rock ….

You may have heard about the massive Sampoong department store, in Seoul which collapsed in 1995 killing over 500 people. What a tragedy! When investigators looked into the cause, it turned out this huge building had been constructed on a landfill site. The foundations could not support the structure, and the building collapsed!

Jesus gives us the secrets of the building trade – you want your house to survive the storms, build on the right foundations. That’s really what this 28-day devo is all about, getting strong foundations in place. Reading the word every day, spending time praying and worshipping, so that we are not only ‘hearing’ God’s words, but putting them into practice.

One of the men in our congregation has been struggling with addiction for many years even since knowing Jesus, but in the last 12 months, something has changed – the desires have gone, there is no longer temptation, he is finally FREE. What changed? He started to read God’s word every day, in fact he did the ‘bible in one year’ and is now going through it for a second time.

He has been pouring concrete into his foundations and the structure has become much more secure.


• When you read the word or do a family devo, don’t just read the verses or bible story – discuss what can be learned or applied in every day life. Think of your favourite bible story e.g. David and Goliath; Daniel in the lion’s den and discuss together what is it we learn about God? Ourselves? Are there any encouragements? Any challenges – now put it into practice!!

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