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Strong Foundations // Day 17 - With All I Am


Today’s Reading : Psalms 150



“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.” Ps 150:6

So we have seen that worship is not just singing, but as we can see from today’s reading, it also IS about singing – and dancing, and shouting and making music!! So when we come together to worship God, what does it look like?

The book of psalms, right in the middle of the bible, is packed full of exhortations, encouragements and pleas to come together and praise/worship God. Many different Hebrew words are used to describe ways to express the overflow of our worshipful hearts.

Halal is the commonest word translated into English as praise (mentioned over 200 times in the bible). It's where the word hallelujah comes from. It literally means 'to celebrate, to shine, to boast about’, It's an exuberant word.

Yadah - to lift/extend hands in praise. Another word Nasa to reach our hands up to God.

“I will praise you as long as I live, in your name I will lift up my hands. ” Ps 63:4

Barak or Kara - to kneel or bow down

“Let us worship and bow down. Come let us kneel before our maker.” Ps 95:6

Shabach (also Ranan and Shaon) - a shout of joy

“Shout to the Lord with a voice of triumph.” Ps 47:1

Karar or Melchol : to dance

“Let us praise His name with dancing” Ps 149:3

We could go on –there’s ‘taka’ to clap; ‘tehillah – to sing your own spontaneous song to God’; ‘dagar’ to raise a banner or flag.


• TRY IT!! Where are you holding back? Why not put a praise song on loud right now and sing, dance, shout, lift your hands, bow down, celebrate!! And how about next time we can gather together at a service, doing something you have never done before as we worship our King together.

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