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Strong Foundations // Day 22 - Practice Hospitality


Today’s Reading : Psalms 78: 1-7


“Practice hospitality.” Rm 12:13

“Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling.” 1 Pt 4:9

One of the things I love seeing in our grown-up children is their love of hospitality. Jesus lived his life closely with his twelve disciples, but also the others who came with them. He didn’t keep to his own home and occasionally go out to meet and preach to people ... he lived alongside them. In our western culture there is so much loneliness and anxiety, I think partly because we don’t follow the Lords example of living an open life alongside each other.

How can we start that? We can ‘practice hospitality’ ... Romans 12:13

Asking my daughter why she now finds that easy, she answered me that she was always encouraged to invite her friends over; to play, have supper, sleepover, come on holiday...

Our house is never terribly tidy, there’s random vegetables in the fridge, the kettle is usually on.... there’s a good custom of putting it on as you come into our house, whether you live there or not. We have a lot of people in and out and we love it, despite the slight chaos! People seem to love being asked and then welcomed. It doesn’t depend on your cooking skills, just on your smile. But it does take practice!!


• Ask Holy Spirit who he wants you to invite round... then do it.

• If you have children, ask a different friend to play/tea/sleepover.

• Ask someone for a coffee this week (sometimes easier to ask two if you are anxious what to chat about).

• Practice asking ‘open’ questions that require more than yes/no answers... even write some down, or ask someone for help if you find it difficult.

Edit: This was written before the outbreak of COVID-19 so these actions may be difficult with self-isolation and social distancing, so why not make a list of those you will invite when doors are once again open and hugging is back on the agenda. Meanwhile be creative. Discuss ways of being ‘virtually’ hospitable and showing love especially to those who are isolated and vulnerable.

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