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The Book of Ephesians - Chapter 6 // Day 4 - Belt Up

TODAY’S READING: Ephesians 6:14-17


Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist. EPH 6:14a

Many of us get up in the morning, physically get dressed yet run headlong into spiritual battle completely naked. We forget to put on our armour. Is it any wonder that we feel the effects of the enemy’s attacks upon us and our family?!

Over the next few days, I want to show you how our armour helps us battle against the devil’s schemes.

When I read this passage, I always think of a Roman soldier (mainly because of the pictures in Sunday School and in preaches growing up) so when we are told to belt up, I see the big leather belt of the Roman soldier holding all the under-clothing together and tucking in anything that would hinder him in the battle.

It is time to belt up!

A while ago, when we could still catch a flight, my friend’s father was travelling back to the UK. He is an elderly man and walks with a steady shuffle. As he was called forward to the search area, he was asked to remove his shoes and his belt. He did so, slowly and carefully and moved forward through the scanner, which of course beeped. He was directed to a security area to be searched. As the security guard waved his wand around him, he asked my friend’s father to lift his arms up. As he complied, his hands went up his trousers fell down to his ankles and he was left looking a little embarrassed.

You can’t underestimate the importance of a belt. In this world of fake news, nonsense conspiracy theories and scams on the phone, it is so important to have the Belt of Truth around our waist. Every attack from the enemy is a lie - he is the father of lies. Like Pilate in John 18, we ask, ‘what is truth?’ The truth is a person and his name is Jesus.

When Jesus went head to head with Satan, Satan tempted him with lies and twisting of the scriptures. Jesus answered him from the truth of God’s word. Every day, Satan tries to catch us with our pants down; he speaks lies into our minds. We need to combat him with truth; the truth of God’s word.

  • When the enemy suggests, “You are a failure!”, refute him with the truth that says, “No! According to Romans 8:37, I am more than a conqueror!”
  • When the enemy tells you, “You are rejected!”, you can fight back with the truth that says, “No! According to Ephesians 1:5, in Jesus, I am accepted.”
  • When the enemy suggests that, “You are not important!”, you can refute him with the truth that says, “No! According to Deuteronomy 7:6, I am God’s treasured possession!”
  • Next time the enemy tells you that, “You are all alone!”, you can refute his lies with the truth that says, “No! According to Joshua 1:5, I am never alone.”

There are dozens of other replies that you need to learn from God’s word to combat the lies by wearing them as a belt of truth. Let’s pray that today the truth of God surrounds us like that belt.

Father, we thank you that you are truth. Help us today to tune-in to your voice and immerse ourselves in your word so that we can combat the lies of the enemy. In Jesus name, Amen


Read the Ephesians 6:14-17 to see the full picture

Draw your own large-scale picture of the Roman solider and put different scriptures on the parts of the armour. What other scriptures tie in with this picture of armour?

Put these scriptures on the belt of truth and pray into each scripture. What other scriptures can you use to make up the belt of truth?

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