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The Book of Ephesians - Chapter 6 // Day 5 - Suited and Booted​

TODAY’S READING: Ephesians 6:14-17


with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. EPH 6:14b-15

Every morning as we get up, it is helpful to imagine yourself getting dressed in the armour of God. Before we leave the house, we ensure we are suited and booted and ready for whatever may come our way!

With the breastplate of righteousness, we cover our heart and other important organs. These are core vulnerable areas that, if hit, can quickly lead to big problems for the soldier on the battlefield. To protect our soul, our will and emotions, we need to always live in a righteous way; to always set out to ‘do the right thing’. Our will gets attacked as we make choices for our life that will have an impact on other people.

  • I can choose to have that conversation online with the girl in the office. Yes, she always listens to me and laughs at my jokes but am I doing the right thing?
  • I can choose to listen to the gossip on the parents’ Zoom group about that struggling mum who isn’t on the call but am I doing the right thing?
  • I can choose to lose my temper at the kids; after all, they were in the wrong but am I doing the right thing?

All day, the breastplate of righteousness can be taken off (and we can choose to do our own thing) or put on (and we can choose to do the right thing). It is our choice. Do you remember the WWJD wrist bands our young people wore in the 90s? They were a helpful reminder to always ask yourself, ‘what would Jesus do’? Pause and reflect on this piece of armour and where we should have employed it this week!

A few years ago, I joined a group of men who did an XCC (Extreme Character Challenge) across the mountains of Scotland. It was hectic terrain but I had spent my money well and had a great pair of walking boots. One of our team had gone for a cheap pair and they literally fell apart as we hiked over bogs, rocks and rivers! In the end, he had two plastic bags over his feet and shoved into what was left of his boots. On the last day, we sat down to take a rest and get some food in us. He removed his boots and bags and we could all see that his feet were wrecked - blistered, bruised and broken. There was no way he could go on!

In our Christian walk the right footwear is essential. The Roman sandal was designed for long marches and sure footing in battle. It meant the soldier was ready for battle as he marched. Our footwear is the gospel of peace. We fight the enemy by sharing the good news of Jesus with everyone we meet on our journey! As Christ followers, we should always be prepared; we never know when an opportunity may arise to share the good news of the gospel with someone else.

Lord as we protect ourselves with the breastplate of righteousness, help us to make good choices today based on your word and life. Help us to always choose to do the right thing and as we walk in the gospel of peace, to always be ready to share our story and your gospel with unbelievers. Give us an opportunity today to lead someone to you. Amen


Read the Chapter 6:14-17

How can you do the right thing in that situation today that is facing you? Make a note here.

Create an opportunity today to share the gospel in some way with someone. Pray for that opportunity.

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